Well i just want to say that my 1 year expierament with wrestling/MMA is over and i am now focusing on football once again. So the past week i've been putting together some sample templates for summer training and now i'd like to get some suggestions on them from you guys. My goals are very simple, Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

Sample Template One
Day1-AM Speed PM Total Body Lifting
Power Shrugs
Posterior Chain
Day3-AM Speed PM Total Body Lifting(Hypertrophy emphasis)
Upper Push
Unilateral Movement
Upper Pull
Posterior Chain
Day5-AM Speed PM Total Body Lifting(Same as Day 1)
The weights and percentages for Day 1&5 lifting will be based of DW program here http://www.power4sport.co.uk/Example%20Program.html

Sample Template Two(Westside!!)
Day1-RE Upper
Day2- AM Speed PM ME Lower
Day3-Sled Dragging
Day4-AM Speed PM ME Upper
Day5-Sled Dragging
Day6-AM Intensive Conditioning PM DE Lower
Day 7-Off or Sled Dragging

So there is the sample templates, any suggestions or critiques are encouraged!

Which Template do you feel is better?