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Thread: 200 Times

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    yet every one wants to know what they run in the hundy so as long as they don't waste themselves on HT then all power to them I say lol

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    Just my view on 200 impacting the 400H. Using the standard conversion to 400 as earlier posted 2x200pb + 3.5 + 3.0-5.0. Say u can run 23.0x2=46+3.5+3.0=52.5. In Canada that would be top 5 at Senior Nationals. It just strikes me how an athlete with the willingness to train and excellent coaching could be top 5 in the country with a 200 speed that wouldn't even get you to Junior Nationals for 200. Even if your conversion isn't great say 23.0x2+4.0+4.0=54.0. enough for top 10 in the country.

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    yeh but when you're talking about the best in the world they need to do at least a:

    whoever breaks the 400mh WR will need 20.5 speed at the worst, though quicker would be ideal, awesome endurance and a picture-perfect technique.

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    My friend, Czech record holder in 400mH Jiri Muzik has 200m- 21.16, 400m- 45.77, 400mH- 48.27

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