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Thread: Calvin Johnson Pro Day Details:

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    I had the pleasure to be Calvins teamate at Tech for his freshman and sophomore years. He is truly a physical freak. All those numbers are pretty legit. Not only is he a great athlete but he is a real good person as well. Had he gone to a school like USC he may have won a heisman trophy. He did all he did at Tech with no help in the passing game, no other WR's, no TE help. Add to the fact Reggie Ball was one of the worst if not the worst QB in a major confrence. If he stays healthy CJ will be a stud in the league

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    Any idea why Gailey/Nix stayed with Ball? He did not even improve in his four years, not much anyway.

    I would have liked to have seen Bennett in there the last year or so.

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    It was 100% Gaileys call to stay with Ball. To this day i have no clue why he stayed with Reggie. the only thing i can think was that we at GT were the only school to offer Reggie as a QB, cause Gailey thought he could work with him. It may have been Coach Gailey just being stubborn, he is a great guy though cant saying anything bad about Coach Gailey or any of the other coaches at Tech. Definately 1st class all the way from coaching staff, strength staff, support staff etc. Taylor, is not the greatest QB but really you couldnt do much worse than reggie

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