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Thread: Could this guy break the hj WR?

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    Could this guy break the hj WR?

    i saw this in the basketball section.
    i think the high jump wr is about 8' or 2.45m.
    this is the world record for the highest dunk btw.
    i know its not exactly the same but i can help wondering...with the right training etc...COULD HE ?!?!?!?!

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    alot of bball guys are double leg jumpers. he may have a shot if he could get that height from a single leg takeoff.

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    I would imagine this is from a running start, note where his feet are, around 3 1/2 feet give or take an inch or so 42" from a running start his vert must only be like 40" maybe under, where are all those true blue high 40 low 50 vert guys at??? jk

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