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    Speed Training Help

    I have some questions regarding training for hockey that I can't quite seem to get worked out. I am currently doing a GPP phase (should have done it earlier in the off season but I had not done enough research at that point to develop a sufficient program and my work capacity has suffered ).

    I am trying to develop a plan for the rest of my off season to lead up to the start of the season in Oct. After reading CFTS I get the impression that a standard schedule for a sprinter would be something like this:

    mon- acc./ weights
    tues- tempo/ core
    wed- SE/ weights
    thurs- tempo/ core
    fri- max V/ weights
    sat- tempo/ core
    sun- off

    For hockey I think that the SE would definitely not be an integral part of training and max V would be much less important than acceleration. I read in another thread (can't remember which) that Charlie said that since the training variables for football, although I think it applies to hockey as well, are less spread out (concentrated at the power end) there is more "CNS competition" and thus phases should be rotated more often to avoid stagnation.

    With these things established I am trying to figure out a guideline for how the training would be laid out. I was thinking that my training, after I finish GPP in a few weeks, would be a 3+1+3 MaxS phase with most of the sprinting being acc. alternated with a phase of maintenance weights and a concentration on sprinting- increasing the distances to favor maxV rather than acceleration.

    MaxS is my primary goal because my relative strength is far from where I would like it to be. I think acceleration is the next most important so I am hesitant to throw in too much maxV training if it won't help too much. I'd love to hear what others have to say.


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    any ideas?

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    Does MaxS = Maximum speed?

    What position do you play.

    Ht,wt age and years lifting?

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    Sorry I should have included all that info. By MaxS I meant maximum strength.

    19 yrs old
    6ft, 190lbs
    Lifting ~2yrs

    some numbers:
    11in Box Squat- 245x3
    deadlift- 425x1
    close grip bench press- 205x1
    hand timed 40yd- 4.81sec

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