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Thread: High Jumper Training for a Beginner?

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    I phase them in at the end of the GPP kind of like Charlie does with the 1 day a week of speed work. They are usually pretty fatigued at this point so its more kind of like measuring out the runup etc...

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    Reviving this thread after a while. I've been working with my gf (the high jumper previously talked about) for a while now. She just completed her first 9 week program (including 1 de-load and 1 rest/test week). Saw significant improvements in leg strength (Improved back squat to 150 x 3, from when we first started using 80 for her sets of 6). Also from barley being able to do a 10 sec. chin up hold at the top portion can now do almost 3 full chins by herself. I have her program we used in my training journal if anyone is curious.

    Starting up tomorrow with her next phase. Last phase our main focus was strength, as it was very much lacking! I will start to have her implement jumps upwards, some explosive med ball throws, oly lift variations, deadlifts, etc.. She was doing some technical work but was having some pretty bad shin pain so she backed off for a while. Looking to break 5' 6" this season. We'll see!

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    I was recently discussing the value of squats for a high jumper ie., good for general development, glute, hamstring, core work etc. However, the coach did not recommend full squats as a part of the jumpers program as he feared that the ankle flexibility gain would compromise the muscle-tendon length or stiffness characteristics of the ankle musculature. Any thoughts?

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