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Thread: Vision's Lacrosse Journal

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    Vision's Lacrosse Journal


    17 years old
    About 195lbs
    Main sport: Lacrosse
    Main goal: Agility and power


    Do testing for a few days, followed by 8-12 weeks of the program, and another testing at the end to see improvements. I'm still fixing up the program, but I'll have the template up with in a few days. I'll have lacrosse normally 2 times a week (unless there's a tournament, when I'll have more). I plan on going to the gym 2 times a week (Plyometrics, Explosive Compound/Olympic lifts, BW exercises), and a running day 2 times a week (Mobility drills, Change of direction drills, Sprints). The main way I'm going to go about my goal is to increase my strength to weight ratio.


    3RM Squat
    3RM Deadlift
    3RM Bench Press*
    Max number of Pullups
    Vertical Jump test
    Horizontal Jump test (2 feet, standing long jump)
    100m Sprint
    Shuttle Drill
    4 Cone drill

    *note that bench press will be used for testing, but probably won't be included in the actual program.

    Right now I have it so that I'll be testing my 100m time. Does anyone think it would be a better Idea to test for a shorter distance?

    Also, are there any important things I'm missing in my testing?

    Thanks for the help

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    Would this be a good way to split up my week?

    Monday AM: off
    Monday PM: Lacrosse Practise

    Tuesday AM: off
    Tuesday PM: off

    Wednesday AM: off
    Wednesday PM: Lacrosse Game

    Thursday AM: off
    Thursday PM: off

    Friday AM: Running (linear speed focus)
    Friday PM: Workout A

    Saturday AM: off
    Saturday PM: off

    Sunday AM: Running (change of direction focus)
    Sunday PM: Workout B

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    - Light Jog
    - Dynamic Stretches
    - Plyometrics (not too many)
    - **workout** (A or B)
    - Walk (for a minute for cool down)
    - Static Stretches

    Workout A:

    1.) Lower Body Pull --- 5 x 4-6
    2.) Unilateral Lower Body Push --- 2 x 8-12
    3.) Upper Body Horizontal Pull --- 4 x 4-6
    4.) Upper Body Horizontal Push --- 4 x 4-6
    5.) Ab Circuit --- Circuit
    6.) Prehab/Supplement Lifts --- Low Sets, High Reps

    Workout B:

    1.) Lower Body Push --- 5 x 4-6
    2.) Unilateral Lower Body Pull --- 2 x 8-12
    3.) Upper Body Vertical Pull --- 4 x 4-6
    4.) Upper Body Vertical Push --- 4 x 4-6
    5.) Ab Circuit --- Circuit
    6.) Prehab/Supplement Lifts --- Low Sets, High Reps


    - Upper Body Exercises will always be BW (weighted if necessary)
    Examples: Weighted Pushups, Weighted Pullups, Hand Stand Pushups...

    - The Supplement Lifts will change weekly unless I'm working on a lagging body part.
    Examples: Lateral Raises, Face Pulls, Calf Raises, Grip Work, Neck Work...

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    I think I'm going to buy "The Stick" for recovery purposes. Has anyone ever tried, and if so, how were the results?

    I'm thinking of getting the "Power Stick"

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    Sorry for making so many seperate posts, but I'd just like to say feel free to give any advice on changing anything in my program so far.


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    hey vision1, good luck in your lacrosse season. Why do you have three days off each week?


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