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Thread: Ku2u's Journal

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    Ku2u's 40yd dash Journal

    My journal isnt going to have much weight lifting at all. Ive been told not to since I have had many problems with my lower back. My Rehab specialist pretty much tells me what i can or cant do. I can do anything but weightlifting pretty much. OL lifts are just arent for me, because i never had bad form, every coach said i had good form on OL.

    Freshman, age:15
    Sports:Football, Track
    Goals:Run a 4.8 40yd dash, run a 4.3 shuttle.

    In football I play WR on offense, never caught a single pass my freshman season, all we did was run the ball period. All I did was BLOCK, BLOCK, and a whole lot more BLOCKING!!!!!
    On defense, It sucked too, i play DE(I did pretty good though), why? The coaches are sorry, I should have been FS. But in the last 3 games i totaled 5 sacks, and 30-40tackles.

    Our off-season program pretty much goes like this.
    Mon. Heavy weights(i just spot and do light weight)
    Tues. Mat Drills( all of these flips and rolls on a mat.
    Wed. Cone drills, surgical tubing, speed latters, Harness pulls, Or box jumps, bag drills, cones, and hurdles. Note that these coaches only give us 30seconds rest if that imbetween each rep.
    Thurs. Heavy weights
    Fri.7-on-7, or strongman competition stuff.

    Track workout: 3 days a week(Mon, tues, wed)Starts at 6a.m. then have an hour of rest before our off-season program starts. Sucks.

    About once a month I go to this Rehab specialist that fixes problems with my body. He uses chiropractic moves, puts the EMS on me, Stretches me, etc. He was a college sprinter in the 60's, could have been to the olympics, if he didnt blow out his knee. He has been a coach before, and Texas high school football head coach, and coached 4 different high school teams to a state championship.(mainly because he never had any injuries, he fixed everyone up.) He has even been a Rehab specialist for 4 different NFL teams, inluding the 98 Atlanta Falcons superbowl team.

    Thats not all. Works with Mike Hatrak and T.O., Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Deion Sanders, and Many More!!!! So I get some chills through my spine when I get worked on.

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    Today my workout went like this:

    Track workout: 15min run up stadium steps
    It was below 40degrees, so inside

    40-yard dash focus:
    5 starts
    5 10yd dashes
    5 20yd fly's at 80%
    5 40yd maintain form sprints at 80%

    Bodyweight stepups on 9" box(harder than it sounds): 2min

    Today was pretty much just a tempo day, Last time I tested my tests sucked. I ran a 5.1 40, 4.4 shuttle, and a sorry 20inch verticle(first time i ever tested)

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    today, i am just going to rest. we did nothing in athletics today.

    I also think i did too much yesterday.

    I am going to explain what 9"stepups are.
    1. stepup onto a 9''box
    2. do a calf raise
    3. on the negative, dorsi-flex your opposite leg. Do not push with your opposite leg.
    4. repeat

    when I first did this, I couldnt even do this for 45 seconds. I bet that most of yall could barely do this for 1min.

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    today in athletics we did mostly agility drills.
    1. hurdles(hip flexibility)
    2.2x 4 corner carioca drill,2x 4 corner comeback drill,2x cone weave drill,2x backpedal-sprint weave
    3. 4x pro agility

    After school:
    40yd dash focus
    5 starts
    5 10yd dashes
    5 flying 20's@80%
    5 40 yd form focus sprints@80%

    2hrs later
    step workout on 9" board, got 92 reps on each leg in 2 minutes

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    today all i did was work on receiver drills. I did nothing because I have a track meet tommorow, and I need a lot of rest.

    I am only going to run the 400m. I wanted to run the 200m but the coaches hate me.......

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    I really dont think i am the 400m type, i ran a 61 sec. 400m. the main problem was the backside straight, i didnt stride it that good.

    Oh well, i beat all the other JV guys who ran it.

    I think i could be a better 100m-200m than a 400m guy.

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    Track workout:600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100

    Stepups, 98 reps in 2:00min

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    Track workout:2x300, 3x200, 3x100
    Mat Drills
    cone drills

    Today's workout, i didnt take it as serious as i should have today.

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    Cone drills,
    Mat drills

    Step ups:105 reps in 2min!!! 15 more

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    Track meet tommorrow, so not much today. All i did today was work on WR routes.

    All I am running tommorow is the 400m and the stupid mile relay. My goal is to get below a 60s 400m

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