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    I know this isn't exactly a strength training question, but I didn't know what thread to put it in.

    I'd like to add prehab work into my training but I'm not sure how to go about it.

    1.)What exercises should I use? isolation or compound?

    2.)How many sets/reps should be used?

    3.)Should it be done before workout, after workout, or on it's own day?

    A little about me:
    16 years old, 6'2, 195lbs. I'm not into track and field, but running is very important in the sport I play. Right now I have sports twice a week, running/conditioning once a week, and weight lifting three times a week.

    I was told this would be the site I should come to for my question.

    thanks for the help

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    We do our prehab work as part of our warmups, before our "meat and potatoes". I explain it to our team as a kind of "appetizer". We vary what we consider prehab by athlete and by sport. For example, we have most athletes do things like Verstegen's pillars, but overhead athletes add rotator cuff work. If an individual athlete has hamstring flexibility issues, we make sure that athlete does something like an inchworm as part of their warmup.
    This may not be ideal, but for moving large numbers of athletes through in a short frame of time, it has proven effective for us. Good luck!

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    I always thought of prehab as strengthing joints, ligaments, tendons, etc. + increasing flexibility to reduce chance of injury. Is this not what it is?

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