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Thread: Eating foods specific to your blood type

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    Where else would you get your protein?

    Powder is a good idea for training. If you aren't taking it, you need to be eating an awful lot of meat to be even close to meeting the same protein #'s. Powder is the cheapest source of protein by far.

    As far as blueberries, look for frozen and dried. Not as good as fresh, but get the job done.

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    Yeah once my physical condition improves [tendonitis] and I start to train heavier, I will probably have to look into suplementing my diet with protein from the sounds of things. I won't need to supplement with anything else will I? I mean I take omega 3's [fish oil], magnesium and beta pro [has lots of herbs, glucosamine sulphate] as well as vitamin c. So will i need to supplement with anything else other then protein?

    I feel good on my current diet and I don't feel the need to change anything. The only thing I feel will be neccessary is to supplement with protein once my training increases.

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    The science behind the blood type diet is dubious.

    This is a good site : and also

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_slow
    It makes perfect sense, and I feel better whilst sticking to the guidelines. However is it advisable to do so? No wheat products. - Brown rice instead. No milk etc.
    Interesting. I eat more brown rice than you can shake a stick at.. and I haven't had dairy in years.

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