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    Thanks. This coverage is confusing
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    The new ones the pros are wearing. Has a carbon plate without all that extra padding and spring the Nike has

    U have...
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    Was about to post this.
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    Might, but I'm sticking with puma.
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    Cheat Shoes
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    Performance enhancing spikes
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    My boy said he should've bought some of the super shoes like everyone else lol
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    Say many of them scared they wont win. lol
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    What seed time did jeff send in? I know he ran 10.7 a few years back, and has won Penn's a few years in a row. Ive known jeff for a good 25 plus years, dixon 20 and chrisdon about the same. All down...
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    Ill go with dixon
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    My boy told me everyone backing out the 200 talking bout they hurt, but they all wanna run the 4x1
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    He said hasnt trained in a month because of work obligations. SO body wasnt ready for rounds.
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    hmmm Chrisdon my other homeboy who ran 10.6 in the prelim video must have gotten hurt. Ill hit him up and find out. Im sure he was ready to go 10.4
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    Dixon is my boy down here. He said they rolled over to the final and ended up in lane 8 and the winner was in 1. Said he didnt even see him, and thought he had won. I guess sending in fast seed times...
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    I expected Jeff to win.
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